Kathmandu Valley Public Transport App
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Designed By:
Kathmandu University Geomatics and Monsoon Collective
KU contributors: Amrit Karmacharya,Suresh Shrestha, Prabesh Shrestha, Prakash Ghimire, Amrit Gautam, Shashish Maharjan, Subash Ghimire.
Monsoon Collective contributors: Prabhas Pokharel, Robert Ochshorn, Sakar Pudasaini, Suveg Pandey, Shirish Pokharel, Anshu Khadka.
KathmanduLivingLabs contributors: Amrit Karmacharya,Poshan Niraula Coordinated By: Amrit Karmacharya and Prabhas Pokharel

The project was started by the Monsoon Collective; KU students have futher developed it. Currently KathmanduLivingLabs is maintaining it.
Refer to this wiki for more information


One Option :

You can generally write the start stop name and then end stop name.This gives you the route from the start point to end point through the public transport route available. It can be clearly viewed on the map along with the different stops and its name in going through the route.

Next Option :

You can directly click at the stop and choose it as start stop and the required end stop in the map which can also show the route on map. You can also set the another start or end stop directly on the map.

For Specific Route Viewing

You can first click on the link ROutes Of Kathmandu. Then click on the respective route which you want to see. You can view it on the map with the selected route zoomed in.

You can again click on the next route to see the next route.

For Finding Location

You can search the place by clicking the search bar on the top right corner next to the zoom bar.

There you can write the place of the name to search.